Clenbuterol Cycle Results and Reviews, Side Effects, Before and After


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What is Clenbuterol? Fondly called Clen, Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator used for treatment of asthma. It is also used by athletes and bodybuilders for their cutting cycles.

In the past few years, Clen has been exposed as a weight loss drug with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears reportedly using it although there is insufficient clinical testing supporting its weight loss properties.

There have also been a handful of athletes who have been tested positive for use of Clen.

These include cyclist Alberto Contador, baseball players Guillermo Mota and Lainer Bueno, Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy, hockey player Carter Ashton and sprinter Katrin Krabbe.
It is dosed in micrograms (mcg/µg), usually in tablets.

However, there are other forms apart from pills like liquid clenbuterol, nasal sprays and injectables. It can be easily bought online without a medical prescription.

How it works for you.

Clen is easily absorbed into the body after ingestion, usually in less than 15 minutes after oral administration. It remains in the system for 25 to 40 hours. Because of its long life, Clenbuterol results are prolonged.

Clen is metabolized in the liver and primarily excreted in the urine. Only less than five percent of the drug is excreted in the feces. As such, the liver along with the lungs and left ventricle tends to have the highest concentrations of said drug.

What are the Benefits for You?

So what does Clenbuterol do that make it such a hot item even in Hollywood?

One reason why you might be tempted to buy Clenbuterol is its weight loss properties. It can cause a slight rise in the core temperature of the body, resulting to increased calorie expenditure.

It’s been widely believed that an increase of 1 degree Fahrenheit in core temperature can cause as much as 5 percent increase in the number of calories burned. Another reason why Clen can cause weight loss is that it can suppress appetite.

Aside from increasing fat loss, Clen can cause an increase in lean muscle tissues, although not as effective or powerful as other anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin results. This boost in lean muscle mass is brought about by an increase in protein synthesis.

Other Clenbuterol reviews also suggest that Clen can promote more efficient transportation of oxygen to various parts of the body.

It is also known to stimulate the central nervous system as well as target beta-2 receptors which can lead to muscle grown and improved protein storage in the muscles.

Does Clenbuterol work as a weight loss agent?

Numerous online reviews indicate that it does with many bodybuilders saying they lost as much as 10 pounds in just a week of using this drug.

What is the Best Dosage?

If you’re wondering how to take Clenbuterol, then you should know that the initial dosage is ideally the same regardless of your experience.

This means that whether you’re a long time user of bodybuilding supplements or a novice user, you should star with 40mcg a day. Clenbuterol dosage for women, on the other hand, is at 20mcg per day. Both levels are safe and mild.

Eventually you can increase your Clenbuterol dosage to 140mcg per day. If you are a woman, dosage of Clenbuterol for women should not be more than 100mcg a day. Going beyond these maximum dosages would increase your risks of Clenbuterol side effects.

Clenbuterol cycle should also be limited to two weeks of use, followed by two weeks of off. The 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off method is the most commonly used approach in using this drug.

The idea is simple—start with a low dose of Clen and increase it every two days until you reach the maximum dose in two weeks. Then discontinue use in the next two weeks before you start over again with the exact dose where you left off.

While the 2 weeks on/2 weeks off is the most widely followed approach, veteran bodybuilders are also opting for a steady use of the said drug. They usually start with a low dose, then increasing it slightly every two to three weeks.

The increase usually is 20mcg every two weeks, and sustained until they achieve their desired level of fat loss.

How To Do Cycles Successfully?

For best Clenbuterol results, it is recommended that this drug is taken alongside other steroids like Winstrol, Anavar cycle, Proviron and Salbutol.

A popular Clen cycle for men features Clen with Winstrol, Proviron, and Salbutol. It runs for six weeks. Clen is taken on the first week at 80mcg a day, and 50 mg a day of Winstrol with 16 mg a day of Salbutol. On the second week, Proviron (25 mg a day) is taken in lieu of Clen.

On the third week, all four steroids are taken simultaneously with Clen dosage increased to 80 mcg a day.

On the fourth week, both Clen and Salbutol are not to be used. The fifth week features all the four steroids again, and the final week would have only Winstrol and Proviron being taken.

Another stack features Clen with Proviron and Winstrol, plus Anavar in lieu of Salbutol. The cycle runs for six weeks, with two tablets of Clen, Anavar and Winstrol taken daily on week one.

Dosage is increased to two tablets of Clen for week two with dosage of Anavar and Winstrol remaining the same.

For weeks three to six, however, Clen is stopped. Replacing it would be Proviron, with a tablet of said steroid taken once a day.

Winstrol and Anavar dosage would increase to three tablets a day for weeks 3 and 4, only to be dropped to two tablets a day for the remainder of the cycle.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While Clenbuterol before and after results are impressive in terms of weight loss, there are also side effects associated with the abuse of this drug. These side effects are relatively mild, however, aside from subsiding rather quickly.

Side effects of Clen include muscle cramps, heartburn, excessive sweating, headaches, anxiety, and restlessness.

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