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If you’re a novice gym goer, chances are you’re wondering about the steroids used by more gym rats around you. One of the more commonly used steroids for cutting cycles, or burning excess fat to reveal muscles, is Winstrol.

If you’re wondering what is Winstrol and what does Winstrol do, then you will find this article very useful.

When was it first developed?

This muscle builder is the trade name of Stanozolol, a synthetic anabolic steroid that comes from dihydrotestosterone. It goes a long way back, having been developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962.

It is approved by the FDA for human use, although it is banned from use in sports competition as it is classified as a performance enhancing drug.

What are the Advantages and Benefits For You?

Stanozolol is a 17aa compound. This means that it has been chemically modified to pass through the liver without being destroyed. But there’s a catch to it, as being a 17aa compound makes it toxic to the liver.

Because of that characteristic, use of this steroid should be limited to six weeks. There are some cases however where some athletes have used it for an extended period of around 12 weeks and without encountering any problems.

What are its medical uses?

Like most anabolic steroids used by bodybuilders, it has its medical uses. It was originally intended for treatment of hereditary angioedema that results to swelling of the face, genitals, throat, bowel wall, and extremities.

Doctors prescribe it to decrease the frequency and severity of these attacks.

This steroid has long been pitted against another cutting cycle drug, Anavar. The Anavar vs. Winstrol debate has long been discussed, with bodybuilders agreeing that both compounds have their pros and cons.

Anavar is better at increasing strength while Winstrol is more superior than Anavar in terms of adding lean muscle mass. In terms of price, it is cheaper than Anavar.

How does it help you get the body you want?

Eventually, athletes and bodybuilders found that there are benefits of using this steroid particularly in building lean muscles and cutting down on fats.

As a treatment to hereditary angioedema, it has been proven effective in increasing the production of red blood cells in the body. This characteristic also makes it a great cutting steroid as increase red blood cells in the body translate to enhance energy levels.

Before and After Results

When you use Winstrol before and after, you will notice that you have more energy to do your workouts no matter how intense these may be.

Aside from providing you with more energy, it can improve your endurance. Hence you don’t need to rest too long in between lifts, and this should help you reduce body fat fast and reveal those lean muscles.

This supplement also boosts nitrogen retention. This is one of the Winstrol results that make the steroid ideal for cutting cycles, just like Clenbuterol results. Nitrogen is a component of protein which is the building block of muscles.

Maintain Muscle Size

Nitrogen retention will allow you to lose weight and burn fat without the muscles losing size. This means that you would be able to keep your lean muscles during a cutting cycle, making them look more sculpted even as your body gets rid of excess water and fats.

Another effect of it on the body that contributes to the muscle building process is decreasing the levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SBHG).

This is a protein that is present in the body which sex hormones like testosterone bind to before entering the blood stream. Studies have shown that high SBHG levels can inhibit muscle growth.

How to Take It

If you’re wondering how to take Winstrol, then you should know that it can be administered in two ways—intramuscular injection and orally via its tablet form.

This steroid is active in the body up to two days due to its long half life, so there’s no need to split daily dosage to maintain stable blood levels.

There is really no recommended time of the day to consume or inject it although you may want to take it before a meal to avoid risks of stomach pain.

What is the Best Winstrol Dosage?

Winstrol reviews won’t be complete without mentioning the recommended dosage when using this steroid.

For guys, the usual dosage is 15 to 25 milligrams a day for tablets. If you are to use the injectable, the recommended dosage is from 25 to 50 milligrams a day.

Winstrol for women has a different dosage, ranging from 5 to 10 milligrams a day. That means two and a half 2 milligram Winstrol pills.

Notice that injectables are not recommended for females because it can risk androgenic build up as a 50 milligram injection would be too much for women athletes to handle.

Unlike injectables, it is easier to divide 2 milligrams pills by breaking them into two unlike a 1cc ampule broken into multiple injections.

Stacking Tips

It can be combined with other steroids. It is usually paired with a stronger androgen like Dianabol for bulking purposes, or for gaining weight. In this combination, it will

balance out the cycle by giving a good anabolic effect and lowering overall estrogenic activity. This should result in considerable gains in muscle mass with enough water and fat retention.

Bodybuilders who are to join a competition would usually combine this supplement with a non-aromatizing androgen like Trenbolone. This should bring a strong, defined look that is very much sought after by bodybuilders.

Older bodybuilders who simply want to cut down on body fats and reveal lean muscles stack a Winstrol cycle with compounds like Deca durabolin and Primobolan.

Are There Any Winstrol Side Effects?

There are a handful of side effects. One of the more notorious Winstrol side effects for men is the dreaded acne breakouts. There’s also the risk of frequent erections which can be pretty embarrassing especially when a guy is in a public place.

There is also the risk that your LDL cholesterol levels will increase when you start a Winstrol only cycle. Hair loss is another common side effect.


Now that you know the many benefits of using this muscle builder especially to aspiring bodybuilders like you, the next question you may have in mind is where to buy Winstrol.

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